Hooters Eve

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On Dec. 22, Hooters will be taken over by red and green sparkly elves – elves that show lots of skin.

That’s right, the traditional Hooters Eve dress-up day is upon us and every regular is excited to see what Santa is bringing to the Richmond location.

To give you an idea, below is a picture of a the day-shift girls last year cozied around the Christmas tree.


First, I know what you’re thinking… those wrapped boxes MUST be empty. And you would be correct.

Now back to the girls; they look ravishing of course. I just have but one qualm with their outfits. What ARE they? Other than the two that are clearly Christmas presents (someone got excited with the bows!), the others are merely shredded up, barely there outfits in yuletide colors.

Like me, they probably remembered last minute they were supposed to dress up for work and threw together what they could. I was at my parent’s house the night before and was frantically trying to come up with an idea for a costume, when my mom came to the rescue. She walked into the bathroom holding up a holiday “Mrs. Clause” apron that was absolutely perfect for the occasion. It reminded me of my younger years when she and I would throw together class projects at the last minute.


Sadly, nobody really agreed with my mom that I was cute as a button. Walking on to the shift, I was immediately scrutinized for not revealing enough skin from a couple of regulars. I was donned the term “Grandma” for the rest of the night.

This year, I want to be an elf; I’m even looking into having my ears surgically enlarged and pointed (no pun intended).

But in all seriousness, I’m going to reach for a mildly sexy costume. 3 wishes has plenty to choose from.


Like all dress up days, it will be on a Thursday, meaning there are plenty of great specials to choose from:

– $6.99 LUNCH SPECIALS 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Items on lunch menu (includes fries and dollar drinks):

  • Burger
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
  • 10 boneless or regular wings
  • Chicken strips
  • 10 buffalo shrimp

-HAPPY HOURS 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close!


  • $3 Fried Pickles
  • $3 Cheese Sticks
  • $4 10 boneless or regular wings
  • $4 buffalo shrimp
  • $1.50 draft beers
  • $6 pitchers



No ‘thanks’ on Thanksgiving

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The sounds of laughter and dozens of little feet filled my family’s ears as my nieces and nephews ran the halls, ruining the surprise of hide-and-seek as they sprang from their hiding spots with impatience. My mother scurried about her kitchen, mindlessly telling them to keep the noise level down, while wiping her messy hands on an apron with autumn colors. Somewhere in the Collins’ home, maybe in the basement or the garage, my dad and brother were having a cigarette; my brother took a puff and made some comment about deer season as he exhaled over his right shoulder, never breaking his squinty-eyed, no-nonsense attitude. His wife and our sister were setting the table in the dining room, trying to tell their stomachs to ignore the delicious aroma of the turkey just a little while longer. They were waiting on me to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner and expecting my arrival any minute when the phone rang.

“It’s Stephi,” yelled my niece, Lakiesha. “I’ll get it! Hello?”

I smiled when I heard her soft voice, though I wanted to cry, “Hi baby,” I mustered out.

I was still at work and considering we had been waiting for Thanksgiving dinner since Thursday, I knew their patience (and appetites) were wearing thin. They would be sad to hear that after the past seven hours at Hooters, I wasn’t quite up for driving an hour to Somerset and they should proceed without me – there will be more family dinners.

My mind at that point was still frustrated at how the day’s plans had gone my way right up until the point I was supposed to be going home; the point the restaurant had 20 people waiting at the door. An hour prior, I had begun to feel the restaurant die down as it typically does between shifts, when suddenly, I was hit with reality, or you could call it UK fans.

Working as bartender, I had at least five Hooters Girls in front of the bar waiting on drinks for their tables – ranging from frozen margaritas to Pepsi – and all at once every bar stool was occupied with people who shared one thing in common: staring at me as if they had journeyed across the Sahara Desert in thirst and I was a gypsy lady with water.

“I’ll get the manager to help you,” said someone in orange shorts.

The craze began with tickets flying from the register and to-go orders nearly breaking down the telephone lines. One order after another stampeded any chance of me leaving that place in time to make it for dinner. A little after six, 10 buckets of ice and 2 kegs later, the p.m. bartender came to replace me. My manager counted the bar drawer as the Collins’ family merrily stuffed turkey into their overly-eager mouths. I walked to the break room without so much as a “Thank you” on Thanksgiving and called home.

“Stephi is just now getting off work, baby,” I said to Lakiesha apologetically.

I was prepared to tell her I was too tired to come when she said to me in the most reassuring voice, “That’s ok, we’ll be here.”

Anyone who has ever loved a child knows that my next movement was beyond my control. Pulling into the driveway, Lakiesha was out the door to greet me before I even shifted into park. Though I would be the only one eating, I was not the only one, and for that, I was thankful.

Coming soon: Hooters Strip Club

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Want to know the quickest way to get people chanting the word whore?

Just bring up Hooters. Or better yet, bring a Hooters Girl in to speak to children at a school’s career day.

23-year-old Brittany Morgan was asked recently to attend career day at a school in Clearwater – her presentation was all but applauded. One 6th grader’s mother told HLN in an interview that Morgan’s presentation sent children the wrong message about a career and did not encourage them to have high goals for themselves.

Morgan’s presentation, which she was dressed head to toe for, focused on the opportunities Hooters gives young women, but many people begged the question: how is a Hooters Girl a career?

I am not going to dive too deep into this topic. The Hooters Girl position is not long-term enough for a career, period. I believe the school administration meant to show the options available for women when they, like me, are working  toward a career. Especially since Hooters in Florida are as common as Walmarts in Kentucky.

My issue with this article arose from the posts on Facebook that came after. The all-time tiresome accusations of Hooters Girls being whores and basically a lap dance away from strippers. 

I have a BIG problem with this. A woman on Facebook, Clara Myree Pippin-Inman, had this to say:

“Hooter waitress’s are whores! Mite as be a stripper & make some real money! I’d been mad too if they was up in the school talkin to my sons!”

Well, Clara, when I’m not too busy tricking tables on the weekends, I happen to be majoring in journalism. If you can stomach the critique from an immoral Hooters whore, I’d be happy to give you a lesson in grammar and spelling.

In Morgan’s presentation to the young ones, she spoke of how charitable the Hooters organization is. It is true that we participate in many fundraisers including those for Shriners and Breast Cancer Awareness. At my Hooters, we are currently collecting donations that will go to the local chapter for Leukemia and Lymphoma. I have a hard time imagining myself slipping a donation card to someone while backing my rear up to their face, “Thanks for the buck. By the way, would you like to donate another one to this cancer society?”

I mean, the flattery is great, people, that you see us in such a promiscuous light. But honestly, between running food and bus tubs, the most action I find time for is the Hula Hoop.

I’ll leave you with this comparison between us and professional cheerleaders; our outfits are not that revealing.

They show a little cleavage, big deal. And I have to add, whether at Hooters, a bank office or surgery room, Hooters Girls remain beautiful, so please learn to adapt.


Forcing that side order of sass and enthusiasm.

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So I realize it has been quite a while since I’ve posted. It’s interesting that I am such a talkative individual (I was awarded most social all throughout my younger school years!) but I cannot find the time to blabber away on here.

Perhaps this is because there is so much to say. Sometimes, I think we all avoid a subject when we feel wishy-washy about it. I’m going to be careful to say how I feel about my job at Hooters right now, but let’s just say I’m thankful for the weekdays off!

This is completely personal; I have so many wonderful things to applaud about the direction Richmond’s Hooters is going- thanks to a delightful new cast of management. However, I feel simply fatigued at the moment and Hooters is a place I enjoy for its undying enthusiasm, perky girls and smiling guests. I feel all but enthusiastic, perky or smily lately.

Feeling this way is often a compilation of things the semester can bring on. I’m sure any college student can relate to that longing feeling of wanting a WHOLE day to lay in bed, watch old movies and favorite sitcoms, eat when necessary and sleep as unnecessarily as possible; and if it happens to be raining outside, even better.

I told someone recently I felt I might be outgrowing my Hooters job and image. I’m just not feeling up to the task of laughing at things I find not funny and have had to force that extra side of “sass” along with a guest’s order of wings.

I hope this is just a phase. Hooters has become a second family, my Richmond family. The girls there are my sisters and I dread the day I leave them behind and start a new career.

I was given the privilege of being a bartender, or for the sake of the Hooters brand, “Hooters Girl at the Bar.” This, for the most part, has offered me the escape I’ve needed. Bartending is a new challenge for me. When I’m back behind the bar in my own little world of martinis, beer and margarita mix, I can regroup and offer my bar guests the service they came to Hooters for.

The semester is nearing an end and I’m excited to have Winter break as a chance to become acquainted with my store and girls again.

This isn’t the only chicken in a 10-mile radius.

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I’m exhausted. I’ve officially hit that dreaded point in the semester when my relationship with sleep has developed into an unhealthy one.

All day I long to be comforted by my red, soft, inviting platform of affectionate blankets; only to be ripped from its cotton embrace come 7 a.m.

Perhaps that’s not too early on the grand scheme of people’s waking hours, but after this weekend at Hooters it might as well have been before dawn.

I worked 15 hours on Saturday. Considering we featured both the UK game (or UK slaughter if you will) and the UFC event (which brings out monsters I’m sure sleep in coffins) my orange bottom did not catch a breath of fresh air. I was eating on the go, typically off tables with friends of mine. Many a Hooters Girl have become accustomed to that, but around 9 p.m. my shaky hands reminded me that all I had eaten was the sporatic curly fry and baby-sized fried pickles because they’re my favorite. So I took a few drinks from an overly sugared sweet tea to get my glucose in line.

By about midnight, an hour until close, my horns began to pop out. Even though every girl I work with had been in this position, what we call a super-double, at some point, my nerves and tiredness made me feel as though I was worthy of a bitch-fit.

And so I bitched. Soon the bitching turned into laughing as my slap happy mood began to settle in. Another super double, Katie, and I began to walk around like Steve Urkel just for kicks and played the notoriously juvenile game of “would you still be my friend if I looked like this?”

Before the night shift began, we had all made a pact to go to Waffle House afterward, sort of a tradition among Hooters Girls who work UFC nights. As closing time neared I caught my second wind, but when a young couple walked in the restaurant at 12:52 and my manager enthusiastically told them to take a seat, the horns grew to their full potential.

My sad, defeated owl-ettes looked at me for reassurance, and so to protect my girls, I marched toward the table.

“Hi guys, we’re nearing close, the bar is shut-down and our kitchen staff has already cleaned,” I said.

They informed me they wanted food. As politely as I could I told them it wasn’t happening.

Save the ethical speeches to yourselves! This isn’t deserted terrority with the only chicken in a 10-mile radius.

We actually saw the couple at Waffle House. They were happy, we were happy, the gray-haired couple behind us sucking face were happy. It was obviously a win-win situation.

Katie was informed at first that they were out of chocolate chip waffles.

"Chocolate chips were all I've looked forward to the past 15 hours."

But this night was certainly a win-win once Katie was served her waffle with a surprising hand full of chocolate chips. Apparently they scraped a few up  (we didn’t ask) and she would not be charged for them.

Saturday's night shift girls winding down at Waffle House

The next day, Sunday, I worked again until close. I crashed as soon as I hit the couch, neglecting to set my alarm first. And so, I was tardy for my first class today.

As exhausting as my shifts at Hooters can be, they are easy because every problem has a fix. If somebody’s wings are mistakenly breaded, we fry more unbreaded. Problem fixed. If we run out of sweet tea, the push of a button brews more. At the end of the night, I always walk out feeling accomplished and leave all traces of the night as I walk out the doors, my white shoes in hand. It’s over.

If only college were that way. If only the financial aid office would grant me my loan so I would not have to pick up shifts to pay bills. If only the rain would stop pouring so I didn’t have to walk to class wet, only to find out it was cancelled.

Oh yes, college is certainly not a path that leads to easy fixes. But then again, neither is life. Which is why I will always love the feel of walking into the orange lit-up Hooters, my version of a perfect world.

Walking a risky rope

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After one post on this blog, it has been brought to my attention the risky rope I walk speaking out about my experiences at Hooters.

Well, those that know me support me in realizing risky ropes are the only ones I chance. The rope may break or I may fall but not without making it some part of the way first.

With that being said, I’d like to clarify that this blog is not intended to unveil the perceived “innocence” of the Hooters Girl, but let’s face it… she’s not wearing white and nobody appreciates being lied to.

I wouldn’t call what we Hooters Girls do “lying.” I would rather call it acting. We simply enhance the ideas our customers have already created about us and we go with it. We also enhance their images of themselves.

You see, Hooters Girls might as well have degrees in communication. A mass chunk of our job involves listening to people’s stories, sharing ours and somehow turning that experience into an injoyable time they will remember. This is why we create such devoted regulars.

It’s not because of what we wear, despite popular belief, but about how welcoming our environment is. I couldn’t count the number of elderly men who have said to me, “I haven’t talked to someone, REALLY talked to someone, in so long.”

That’s worth telling others about.

It’s my first time…

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During a typical shift at Hooters, I am bound to introduce myself to a table full of fidgety giggling teenagers. “How are you?” I’ll say, which leads to… more giggles. So I continue, “Well, my name is Stephanie and I’ll take care of you today. Can I start you with something cold to drink, hun?” I turn my glance toward one of the young men.

Eyes begin to bounce across the table before one brave soul, undoubtedly a female, will admit, “this is our first time.”

First time. I hear this phrase often at my workplace. As I ponder it right now, it’s actually quite hilarious. They shyly mutter the words “first time” as if any second I’m going to rip off my tanktop and disappear under the table. No such luck! I would imagine, though, at any other family restaurant, nobody feels the need to reveal their “virginity” for lack of a better term. But this is Hooters, and we do.

In a common scenario as described above, I would respond by saying, “Well, let me start by directing your eyes to my face, thank you much. Now, how about that drink, slick?”

They love the sass-filled wit.

But you see. These are the people that turn my waitressing job into a fun role. Little do they know that I hear the majority of their questions and comments more times a day than Lindsay Lohan does coke. So after working at Hooters for an accumulative of 2 years, I am ready to spit out my well-rehearsed comebacks.


Drunk old man: Honey, have I told you that you’s the purtiest thang in here?

Me: No, that was actually what you told your waitress five minutes ago.

And, bam! Everyone laughs and I elude the dreaded conversation that arises from a rookie’s response of, “Oh really? Whatever!”

Bottom line: I adore my guests. Once they get past the exterior and realize I, like every other young woman, am pursuing a college degree, eating spaghettios for dinner, and counting pennies for lonely wine nights, they make very relateable conversation.